BSc Medical Technology Admissions 2022-23 | MBBS Admissions 2022-23 (November 2022) | Short Course on Meta-Analysis | Short Course on EpiData | Admissions Open for MPT 2023-24



Sr. No Role Name Designation
1. Chairperson Dr. Utpala Kharod Provost, BU
2. Director Dr. Puja Dulloo Professor, PSMC
3. Member (Teaching) Dr. Himanshu Pandya Dean, PSMC
4. Member (Teaching) Dr. R Harihara Prakash Principal, KMPIP
5. Member (Teaching) Dr. Menka Shah Principal, CAMIAHST & LPPIMLT
6. Member (Teaching) - Principal, INS
7. Member (Teaching) Dr. Sulabhsinh Solanki Vice-Principal, CAMIAHST
8. Member (Teaching) Dr. Suman Singh Professor, PSMC
9. Member (Teaching) Mr. Shailesh Panchal Incharge Principal, INS
10. Member (Teaching) Dr. Shweta Parikh Associate Professor, KMPIP
11. Member (Teaching) Mrs. Dipal Bhatt Assistant Professor, CAMIAHST
12. Member (Teaching) Dr. Sonal Chitroda Associate Professor, LPPIMLT
13. Member (Management) To be nominated -
14. Member (Administration) Col. Kuldeep Kaur Judge Chief Nursing Officer, SKH
15. Member (Administration) Mr. Kartik Pandya General Manager, P&A
16. Nominee from Local Society Dr. HJ Jani Advisor, CHARUSAT
17. Nominee from Student Ms. Surabhi Kriplani 2nd Year MBBS
18. Nominee Alumni Dr. Kamlesh Patel Alumni, PSMC
19. Nominee from Employers Dr. Keyur Parikh Clinician, CIMS, Ahmedabad
20. Nominee from Industry Dr. Dileep Mavalankar Public Health Expert, IIPH, Gandhinagar
21. Nominee from Stakeholders Dr. Vaibhav Joshi Parent, KMPIP Student, Khambhat