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Rules and Regulation of Central Library

Library Reading Room will remain closed during following Public Holiday :

  • Republic day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Makarsankranti, Holi (second Day), Diwali and New Year

Delay in Book Return :

  • Fine policy: If not returned on due date fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged for first three day and there after a fine Rs. 05/-per day will be charged
  • The existing policy for late return of books will be continued. In addition, it was suggested that if they do not comply after repeated reminders, student may not be allowed to appear in internal exams.
  • Email notification will be sent as reminders to defaulters.

Library Rules :

  • Presentation of Identity card is must for entry in the Library and Reading room.
  • Identity card scanning is compulsory while entry to and exit from Library.
  • Discipline must be strictly maintained in the Reading room.
  • Eatables are strictly not allowed in the Reading room and Library.
  • Students not observing the above rules, can not avail Library and Reading room facilities.
    1. On the first offence – One week suspension and/or Fine Rs. 500
    2. On the second offence – One month suspension and/or Fine Rs.1000
    3. On the third offence - Permanent suspension.
  • UG Students, staff dependants and PAA Members are not allowed to carry Laptop / Tablet in the Reading room. For Academic purpose, students can avail the facilities at computer lab including internet access facility freely on recommendation by the concerned faculty.
  • UG and PG students should get free access to the E-educational material.
  • Personal uses of Internet facilities is Chargeable.
  • Air Condition in Reading rooms will be operated between 11.00am to 12.00 midnight.
  • Reservation of seat in Reading room is not permitted.
  • Library staff will not responsible for loss of any items kept unattended by students in the Reading rooms. On loss any personal belongings, request from students to check CCTV footage will not be entertained.
  • Smoking, Chewing pan & Tobacco strictly prohibited.
  • Mobiles may be carried out in the library, but they should be kept on silent mode only and responding to any call should be outside the library only.
  • Sitting in the lobby is not permitted.
  • Library staff are authorised to check baggage, on suspicion.
  • Strict discipline and pin-drop silence should be maintained.
  • User would have to replace & pay prescribed penalty for damage and /or loss of books. Decision of the competent authority will be final.
  • One library card will be issued to you on which one book for 14 days will be issue on library card, renewal after 14 days.
  • Books to be returned on or before the due date.
  • Penalty for not returning books on the due dates would be as under :
    1. Rs. 1.00 per Day up to 1 st three days, then after Rs. 05.00 per day.
    2. If any user is found to be defaulter of more than three occasions, his/her membership would be cancelled apart from collection penalties.
  • Readers are requested to surrender library tickets at the time of leaving institute by failing which Rs. 50.00 Ticket will be charged.
  • Duplicate library ticket @ Rs. 50.00/Ticket.

Policy for PAA Members and Staff dependants :

  • For Alumni students, it was suggested that ID cards should be issued to them by PAA, which can be valid for one year to avail the Reading rooms facilities. After one year token payment of Rs. 250/month will be taken. For the dependants of staff members of CAM, Permission from the Dean will be necessary. They are also required to carry with them permission letter and ID card. Usages of reading room facilities will be provided on the token payment of Rs. 250/month Undertaking in the standard format (to be prepared) in must from the staff members for his/her dependants.
  • All library rules are applicable to staff dependants and PAA Members also.
  • Violation of any of the above would invite the disciplinary actions.