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Department of Health Professions Education

Bhaikaka University has created a Department of Health Professions Education with effect from 10th October 2020. As the number of medical and allied health sciences institutions is growing by leaps and bounds in India with an increase in the total intake of students for each of them. This has to be supplemented with a number of required teachers, who are trained in the teaching-learning process. To establish and maintain International Standards in Health Professions Education, there is a need to have academic programs in this field in order to generate a workforce of trained teachers in different institutions.

Department of Health Professions Education (DOHPE) at Bhaikaka University (BU) will become a leader in developing transformational health professions educators contributing to quality health care in future.
- To promote capacity development of health professions educators to demonstrate contextual change in behaviour and practice.
- To provide a platform to create a community of learner sensitive health professions educators who are thought leaders capable of bringing about transformational changes in education system.
- To promote educational research by global networking with relevant stakeholders.
Faculty Members:
Sr. No. Name of faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Himanshu Pandya MBBS, MD, FAIMER Fellow & Faculty, DHPE (Keele University) Dean, PSMC Professor & Head, DoHPE Bhaikaka University

Dr. Sarmishtha Ghosh

MSc, Ph.D., FAIMER Fellow, ESME, MHPE (Keele University), AFAMEE Professor, HPE

Dr. Praveen Singh

MBBS, MSc, Ph.D., FAIMER Fellow & Faculty, ACME, Member HPE Professor & Head, Anatomy

Dr. Suman Singh

MBBS.MD, FAIMER Fellow & Faculty, ACME, Member HPE Head, DOME Professor, Microbiology

Dr. R. Harihara Prakash

MPT, DPT, DSM, FOR, FAIMER fellow & faculty (MAHE Manipal), Member HPE Professor & Principal, KMP Institute of Physiotherapy
Roles & Responsibilities of the Department

♦   Faculty Development & Evaluation
♦   Educational Research & Evaluation
♦   Networking
♦   Services Internal & External
♦   Certificate, Diploma & Masters Courses in HPE
♦   Micro credentialing Modules Online or Blended

CMEs / Workshops / Seminars:

Sr No.

Dates Title / Event Organizer Credit Hours
1 26th April 2022 Strategies to Ensure Formation of Professional Identity to Develop as Educator, Clinician, and Mentor Sikkim Manipal University, Online Platform-Zoom 3 Credit Hours Awarded by Sikkim Medical Council
2 21st & 24th June 2022 Improving the quality of written assessment DoHPE  
3 5th August 2022 Brainstorming & concept clearing for faculty regarding Student (learner) Centric (centered) Learning (SCL)    
4 30th January, 2023 Workshop on Flipped Classroom (FCR) - Attended by 16 faculty members from all phases of the medical program DoHPE N/A
5 1st and 3rd February 2023 Case-Based Learning-Case Based Learning- Concept, Process, and Case Writing  - Attended by 9 faculty members (6 from PSMC Phase-1 & 3 from Nursing School) DoHPE N/A
6 2nd/9th/10th March 2023 Capacity building for Mentors -Teaching faculty of Bhaikaka University colleges- INS, LPP CAM and KMPIP- IQAC, BU N/A
7 30th May 2023 Importance of Outcome-based medical education & Blueprinting in assessment" – sensitization session BDIPS, CHARUSAT N/A
Courses Conducted:

♦   Ph.D. in Health Professions Education
♦   Certificate Course in Health Professions Education (Upcoming)

Key HIghlights:

1. The two Value Added Courses (VAC), have been successfully conducted in a blended mode.

2. Effective Learning Strategies for conceptual Learning (Lead - Sarmishtha  Ghosh, from 10th May 2023 to 17th June 2023,. Cohort 1 consisted of 7 students from MBBS and Physiotherapy, and all have completed the course, with three students securing grade A and four securing grade B.

3. Reflective Learning (Lead Puja Dulloo) from 20th May 2023 to 1st July 2023. A total of 12 students completed the course.

4.  Finalization and approval of the Vision - Mission statement for the Department.

5. One Copyright on Plan of Teaching English to non-English medium students at entry into medical college (v1.0) office, from Copyright Office, Govt. of India Registration No.: L-132982/2023 dated 13/09/2023

Annual Reports: