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Background / Vision / Mission


Amrita Patel Centre for Public Health (APCPH) under Bhaikaka University offers a Post Graduate Program – Master of Public Health (MPH) through a context-specific curriculum and Short Courses in Public Health. Considering the need of producing competent and job-ready public health experts to address the problems at the grassroots and strengthen the health care system, Bhaikaka University (BU), Karamsad initiated Amrita Patel Centre for Public Health (APCPH) with the following vision and mission.


APCPH will become a self-sustaining proactive centre of excellence in public health, responsive to local health needs in a collaborative manner and its work cited, referred to, and utilized both by the scientific and local communities.


  • To work proactively in collaboration with the community for the delivery of primary health care and response to public health emergencies
  • To offer context-specific community-based curriculum to prepare job-ready and confident public health experts for health systems and NGOs in developing countries
  • To attract international students, especially from South-East Asian and African countries
  • To offer short courses on leadership and management and recent advancements in research methods for health professionals
  • To develop courses for youth in the local community to empower them in health matters
  • To develop networking for post-course support in job placement
  • To undertake problem-solving research on local health problems with an emphasis on community-based non-communicable disease care\nutrition\sanitation and health management