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Posted by : Admin|Date : 31 Aug, 2023|Location : Karamsad

Dr Himanshu Pandya, Dean, PSMC honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Himanshu Pandya,(Dean Pramukhswami Medical College, constituent institution of Bhaikaka University) was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by MEU India. He was invited to deliver the Dr Rita Sood Memorial Oration on 12th August 2023. The title of the oration was 'Being an academic leader at an Indian medical college: my perspective'.

MEU INDIA, a virtual platform of about 25000 medical teachers, recognizes the efforts of teachers who have contributed significantly to improve medical education in India. MEU confers the “Lifetime Achievement award “to such HEROES and arranges an oration in memory of Late Professor Dr Rita Sood.

During the oration, Dr Himanshu Pandya described that Pramukhswami Medical College, a constituent institution of Bhaikaka University, provided a platform for becoming an academic leader.