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Posted by : Admin|Date : 03 Jul, 2023|Location : Karamsad

Diamond crown with 360 degree high speed rotation to cut severe calcification in arteries, is now at cardiac center of SKH teaching hospital of BU

Diamond crown with 360 degree high speed rotation from 80,000 to 1,20,000 rpm to cut severe calcification in arteries, the world-class technique to treat coronary artery disease now at cardiac center of Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad.
Widely used in the USA for the last 10 years, this technique is launched in India for the last four months, and our Centre is the first to introduce this in the Anand Kheda region.
The burden of heart disease on society is on rise, and the extent of its spread across genders, age bars, and geographical boundaries, can easily be compared with a pandemic. Experts in the field are constantly on their toes looking for new techniques and mediums to mitigate the damage in the heart due to the increased calcification in the arteries. Diamond back 360 orbital atherectomy is one of the newest technique with promising results in patients whose life is at threat due to increased blockage. Shree Krishna Hospital recently utilized this technique to successfully remove the blockage from a patient who had a severe blockage.
A 71-year-old male with hypertension, complained of worsening shortness of breath for last few weeks. To understand the cause, he was investigated with routine blood tests and echocardiogram which showed normal reports. This was followed by a stress exercise TMT test and he was unable to complete the first stage due to breathing difficulty. After this, he was taken to our Cath lab to perform coronary angiogram to assess for angina equivalent which showed 70% calcified disease in main artery; pressure study iFR was done to confirm restriction of blood supply to heart muscle and necessity of treating blockage ; Intravascular ultrasound imaging catheter demonstrated 3 D visualisation of the severity and extent of heavy calcium inside the heart artery. These latest technology are available round the clock with our new advanced Philips cath lab machine.
Patient’s condition and treatment options were discussed with his relatives. And with their consent it was decided to use the new technique involving diamond crown to break down the calcification in the arteries before implanting the stent.
This was a critical and complex intervention. But with our expertise and determination to offer the best option of care to the patient, our team of interventional cardiologists performed this technically advanced and innovative procedure successfully. Such type of procedure is performed first time in the entire Kheda and Anand regions, and only the fourth procedure in the Gujarat state.
Dr. Kushal Pujara, our Interventional Cardiologist on this latest triumph of our cardiac centre opines “Use of Diamond back 360 orbital atherectomy is an innovative and safe method to churn out solidifies excessive calcification. This procedure before implanting a stent ensures a better & sustainable long term outcome in our patients, and the complications are also relatively lesser. We have all latest world class technologies (eg IVL shock balloon, Rota Pro, Orbital diamond atherectomy, etc.) and it’s expertise are available at our cardiac center to deal with enemy of calcium inside heart arteries and hence open heart bypass surgery can be avoided in certain patients”
This new technique when performed with clinical finesse promises an excellent outcome to the patients, and the quality of life after the intervention is much better as compared to any other modality of treatment.