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Posted by : Admin|Date : 01 Dec, 2021|Location : Karamsad

Bhaikaka University observes World AIDS Day 2021

CAM Institute of Allied Health Science & Technology & Smt. L. P. Patel Institute of MLT, Bhaikaka University celebrated “World Aids Day” in collaboration with the NSS unit of Bhaikaka University on 1st December 2021. The celebration started under the guidance of Dr. Menka Shah, Principal and with the keynote address by Dr. Faruq Mulla, followed by a talk on “Information on HIV testing & prevention” by Dr. Naimika Patel.


Dr. Bhalendu Vaishnav also graced the students who are future laboratory technicians with the knowledge of how to give emotional support not only to HIV patients but also to any of the patients visiting hospitals or laboratories. The celebration also included a blood donation camp & slogan writing competition organized by the institute. 22 blood bags were collected from the volunteer students of the constituent institutes of Bhaikaka University at A.D. Gorwala blood bank and 19 students also enthusiastically participated in the slogan writing competition. The celebration ended with the announcement of the results & 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the competition were rewarded with special gifts and certificates.