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Posted by : Admin|Date : 03 May, 2023|Location : Karamsad

Anaemia Mukta Lakhya Abhiyan

Anaemia is a global public health problem affecting both developing and developed countries. Nutritional anaemia can affect any age group; female medical students from a vulnerable population suffer from anaemia due to their hectic schedules, erratic mealtimes, and long working hours.

Pramukhswami Medical College, the constituent institution of Bhiakkaka University, Karamsad, implemented the Anaemia Mukta Lakhya Abhiyan in the year 2021. The aim of this program was to improve the nutritional status of anaemic students and reduce their complications.

Under this program, 130 students in the MBBS course were screened for anaemia on 3 May 2023. Iron, folic acid, and vitamin D supplements were given to the anaemic students. Peanut and chickpea (sing-chana) packets were also distributed among students to create awareness about developing good eating habits and improving their nutritional well-being.

This program was supported by the Indian Medical Association (Women's Wing, Anand) under the leadership of Dr. Mayuri Doshi (President, IMA, Anand).