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Health Humanities & Social Sciences

Bhaikaka University has created a Department of Health Humanities and Social Sciences with effect from 10th October 2020.

The word “Humanities” derives from the Latin word Humanitas. Originally, Humanitas – in English “humanity” – meant humane feeling, which today could be known variously as sympathy, empathy, compassion, pity, concern, or caring.

The term Humanities has been interchangeably used with the term liberal arts, derived from the Latin “liberalis”, meaning “of or relating to the liberal arts,” which in turn derives from the Latin word liber, meaning “free.” Defined by discipline, the humanities range from ethnography, communications studies, cultural studies, ancient and modern languages, law, literature, history, philosophy, and reflection, creative writing, performing arts - music, dance and theatre, and visual arts - painting, sculpting and architecture that also emphasis interpreting, valuing, and self-knowing. It is important for students of health care sciences to understand the interface between professional education and the society.

By offering the course of Health Humanities and Social Sciences to undergraduate students of all the constituent colleges at the Bhaikaka University through appropriate pedagogy, we aim to form individuals who take charge of their own minds, who are free from narrow and unreflective thoughts, who are compassionate and who act in the public interest in their professional world. The course will also stimulate and enhance both critical thinking and character development.

Sr. No. Name of faculty Designation Role
1 Dr. Utpala Kharod Provost, Bhaikaka University Head
2 Dr. Barna Ganguly Professor, Pharmacology, Pramukhswami Medical College Member
3 Dr. Jagdish Varma Professor, Psychiatry, Pramukhswami Medical College Member
4 Ms. Princey Mol Raju Assistant Professor, GH Patel School and College of Nursing Member
5 Dr. Aashish Gupta Associate Professor, KM Patel Institute of Physiotherapy Member
6 Ms Jinal Patel Assistant Professor, LP Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology Member
7 Dr. Jai Contractor Assistant Professor, Anatomy, Pramukhswami Medical College Member Secretary